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Link In Bio is a great way to increase your online presence by creating beautiful Bio pages (bio-links) that link to all of your social media sources and other online sources like affiliate and MLM links. Then create campaigns with just one link and your clients can choose which of your content to use.

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our platform comes with many cools features. here’s just a few!

Biolink Blocks

Enjoy our easy Drag-N-Drop Blocks for embedding content that comes with an inbuilt performance dashboard to monitor your statistics. Embed;

  1. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Spotify
  2. Tidal, Anchor FM, Instagram media, vCard, links
  3. Images, image grid, external items, YouTube feed
  4. file, video, audio upload, share, socials,
  5. call to action, email collector, PayPal donations and payments plus more

Customize the biopage background with colours, images, videos and set SEO to your biopage

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Our platform has URL shortening function that comes with several cool features. 

  1. Pixels tracking from Google, Facebook, Reddit, 
  2. Temporary URL feature that enables you schedule links, click limit and expiry link re-direct
  3. AB Rotation targeting feature to embed multiple URLs within one link and send users randomly to these links based on pre-set probability
  4. Targeting for devices, countries, browsers, languages, operating systems
  5. Content warning and password protection 
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Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate program and start earning from referrals that signup for our services while you still opt to enjoy our services. 

  1. Earn from referrals – 25% of signed up package
  2. Be an active or a passive affiliate
  3. Enjoy our services while you earn

Enjoy our free web tools

  1. WhatsApp link generator
  2. DNS lookup
  3. QR Code reader
  4. IP Lookup
  5. Speech to text 

Plus 50 more free web tools

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Customers’ testimonials

What some of our customers say about PESSR

As a content creator and an online seller, it’s important for me to have a tool that can help me promote my work and reach wider audience. Pessr’s Link in bio has been the perfect tool for this. I can now share my content with ease and reach more people than ever before. I recommend Pessr to any online seller and content creators out there. It’s full of features; just drag and drop!

I have over the years used other popular bio-linking platforms until I recently came across pessr. I was referred by a friend and was at first very skeptical of switching to a new platform. When I finally signed up for the free plan and did my first biopage and AB targeted url, I must say, the experience was awesome. Easy to use on both mobile and desktop, and lightweight pages that have boosted my online presence. All my digital world to my audience on simple links! Try it guys.

Link in bio with pessr
Link in bio with pessr
Link in bio with pessr
Link in bio with pessr
Link in bio with pessr
Link in bio with pessr