Linktee is without doubt the number 1 most popular biolinks platform, but why is everyone leaving now?


Bio linking is the creation of a linked content from various sources into one single source that hyperlinks to these sources.  Here is an example of how bio links work. Lets say you have some content on YouTube and some important fan pages on Facebook and some posts on Twitter that you wish to attract more engagement. You then create a bio-page and add each of these content to its own link on the same biopage. When your audience access the bio-page link, they can then select what

link or content to check out! How cool is that?

Initially, people used only short links in sharing their content mostly to protect their original links from being spammed online or by spam bots and render their links useless.

Origin of Biolinks ()

The problem with traditional link shortening was that, people had to shorten  as many links as the original links they wanted to share with their audience and potential customers for lead generation. This becomes a nightmare in tracking these links and even sharing them for people with wider range of content sources.

Another issue was the Introduction of Instagram platform that became so popular and most people shared their content on Instagram. Instagram makes it difficult to share its content nicely with third party platforms. This is what gave birth to link to Instagram bio, where Instagram users could share their content easily and nicely with their audience with limitation.

Link in bio has since evolved and has now become a tool of choice arguably for everyone for it covers almost all aspects of audience reach. From creating personal bio pages to business bio pages that are both portfolio based or show casing some kind of services, offerings, products or events and donations campaigns.

Who are users of Biolinks and why should I use bioapages and hyperlinks

Biolinks and hyperlinks are in every sense for everyone; but according to latest survey, biolinks are used by

  1. Artists
  2. Online content creators
  3. Affiliate marketers
  4. Multi-Level Marketers (MLMs)
  5. Crowdfunding and donations
  6. Online sellers

While the above list accounts for majority of biolink and hyperlink users, anyone else can use biolinks for example, students could use biolinks (depends on the features offered by the biolinking platform) to create personal academic profiles or political aspirants and small and medium organizations to create their business profiles that link to link to their main website content easily.

Importance of using Biolinks and Hyperlinks

Originally, biolinking platforms were just link shortening platforms to alleviate the problem of spamming of main urls. It then evolved to bio links and hyperlinks.

A Hyperlink is a single shortened link with several links in it, and it opens the hyper-linked urls randomly based on pre-set probability. Lets say, for example I have three links A, B and C. I pre-set the probability for link A as 50 percent, for Link B as 30 percent and for link C as 20 percent.
When the link is shared, it means that for every 100 link opens, 50 links opens will be for link A, and 30 link opens will be for link B while link C gets 20 link opens.
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Biolinks help it’s users to create a single source of reference for all of it’s content form various sources and share it all to the audience with just one single link. How cool is that? Though its use its not limited to a single biolink, it’ll be depended on what the user intents to achieve and also his/niche.

Multilevel marketers and affiliate marketers use biolinks to promote their products form a simple and presentable landing page. They share and promote these biolinks on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, email marketing and other available channels.

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This makes their customers land on a single page that is linked to selected multiple products and services from either single source like amazon or from various sources like Aliexpress, Nord VPN, Wallmart etc.  sales conversions with this biolinking platform.

This is very convenient in creating sales leads with high conversion rates. Because you can market the biolink for all these sources and attract all that audience to one single source.  Register here on the leading biolinking platform that is overtaking linktree

Biolinks are also used in increasing web traffic, by creating biopages that have popular service or product and the linking it to your website. Content creators use biolinks to increase engagement with their audience by linking popular content and then directing web traffic to their various online channels.

Factors to consider when choosing a good biolinks platform

There are many biolink platforms out there and only a few of them are worthy the value the users are seeking for. Consider the following factors when choosing for a biolink platform that will turn your content into gold.

  1. Pricing – This is the primary factor and a good biolinking platform should be proportionate to its functionality. Check out this BIOLINkS PLATFORM which comes handy with features for with its Free Plan forever.
  • Speed Index – Why would site speed be of importance? Site speed is very important in ranking higher on SEO search engines like Google and Alexa. This will also determine how your users will interact with content created on biopages from these platforms. A slow website will lead to higher bounce rate for your web traffic and that is a bad thing for your sales and engagement with your audience.
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  • User friendliness – Arguably the most important feature for any user, it is important to choose a biolinks platform that will be easy to use both on mobile and on desktop computers.
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A good platform means that it’s self explanatory and a user is ready to serve his or her first biopage withing few minutes. This means that you can create as many pages as you wish easily and quickly on the go.

  • Functionality – A good biolinking platform should meet the previously mentioned features plus meet minimum functionality of a basic biolink platform. It should have the the following functionality;
  1. Create linking blocks – This is the most basic function
  2. Ability to embed pictures
  3. Ability to create text-based blocks like headings, paragraphs etc
  4. Facebook post embedding
  5. Youtube link embedding
  6. Twitter post embedding
  7. Ability to embed photo gallery from Instagram
  8. Ability to embed socials and share functionality
  9. Ability to change biopage background
  10. SEO – Search engine optimization functionality for your biopages
  11. Ability to create multile biopages within your biolink account
  12. Inbuilt statistics via performance analytic dashboard to monitor link performance I.e page views, countries, cities, browsers, devices etc

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  1. Targeting feature to enable to target specific areas like Language, devices, countries, browsers etc
  2. Link scheduling – ability to schedule links to be able to be accessed only from certain date.
  3. Link view limit – ability to set maximum number of views for particular links. This is important if pushing campaigns for limited offers and don’t want to disappoint your audience for following a link and then find that the offer is no longer available.
  4. Password protection for links
  5. Ability to create hyperlinks with ABC targeting and other targeting options. Create hyperlinks on this platform, Register here for free

Though these are just minimum functionality to check out for, different users may find few of these are just enough for them to get started.


Though you may choose a great biolinking platform, it will only reach your audience and your clients if you put the biolink out there. Share it and create paid promotions and campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram and other social media channels. This will without doubt grow your online digital presence and consequently grow your engagement with your audience and sales leads for marketers.

Best Biopage platforms

Interms of popularity

Top Biolinks and Biopage platforms

  1. Linktree – Register here
  2.  – Register here

Interms of Functionality

Top Biolink and Biopage platforms

  1. Pessr
  2. Linktree

Interms of User friendliness

Top Biolink and Biopage platforms

  1. Pessr – Best in terms of easy of use
  2. Linktree – very complicated to get around

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